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 Neu-Becalm'd™ . . . A New Beginning For Life!

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Previously Available Only From Hospitals, Clinics and Rehab Centers.

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 Neu-Becalm'd™ is 
 100% All Natural

 It is Amino Acids  
 and Vitamins in 
 a Special Formula! 

Concentration and 
 Mental Focus.  
 Helps you to Sleep  
 Better! And more!

 No Drugs
No Chemicals!

Neu-Becalmd & Neu-Relieve Combo

For Those Who Are Tapering From The Excessive Or
Prolonged Use Of Pain Pills Or From The Use Of
Opiate Drugs Such As Heroin Or Methadone.

The prolonged and excessive use of opiate drugs by thousands across the United States is causing many to suffer more from the medications they were prescribed than they feel they suffered from the original injury or situation that brought them to get that prescription in the first place.

While using pain killing medications, the neurotransmitters in the brain that would normally produce natural painkillers (or endorphins) no longer function properly.

The brain stops producing endorphins naturally (within the brain) because it is receiving what it needs from the opiate drugs..

When this happens a physical dependency to the external drugs occurs.( A person becomes addicted to this medication.)

If you suddenly stop taking these medications you will suffer withdrawal symptoms.

Never try to abruptly stop or drastically
reduce the use of pain medications!

For those wishing to stop taking these medications by tapering gradually . . . the New Combo Pack will provide the building blocks that allow the brain to once again begin producing the natural pain killing endorphins.

D-Phenylalanine is the amino acid that stops the breakdown of endorphins, which allows your body to benefit from the natural pain-relieving neurotransmitters for a longer period of time.

When combined with the increased levels of other amino acids, as well as the vitamin and mineral co-enzymes, the body and brain are able to restore and rebuild healthy brain chemistry.

Othere benefits you may notice are . . .

  • Focusing and thinking more clearly . . .

  • Regaining and retaining a positive mood . . .

  • Internal well being, calmness . . .

  • You may sleep more soundly and feel more refreshed . . .

  • Coping with everyday stress more successfully . . .

  • More ability to control your emotions . . .

  • Feeling hopeful and positive, more optimistic . . .

  • Experiencing a higher level of self worth . . .

  • Ability to relax and turn your mind off . . .

  • Keeping an improved energy level.

We have now packaged two great products together: Neu-Becalmd and Neu-Relieve. These two synergistically combine to aid the process of regaining your good health.

Dosages: Take two Neu-Becalm'd and one Neu-Relieve each morning and two Neu-Relieve and one Neu-Becalmd about an hour before the evening meal. Take no more than 6 capsules daily for maximum benefit.

Special Combo Price $77.95!
One Neu-Becalmd (90 Capsules)
One Neu-Relieve (90 Capsules)

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Previously Available Only From Hospitals, Clinics and Rehab Centers.
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