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Importance Of Dopamine

Natural Product
For Dopamine
When our body has enough Dopamine we're blessed with feelings of bliss and pleasure, euphoric, appetite control, controlled motor movements, and we feel focused.

When we are low in Dopamine we feel no pleasure, our world looks colorless, we have an inability to "love", and we have no remorse about personal behavior.

Norepinephrine, along with dopamine, has come to be recognized as playing a large role in attention and focus. For people with ADD/ADHD, psychostimulant medications such as Ritalin/Concerta (methylphenidate), Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine), and Adderall (a racemic mixture of amphetamine salts) are prescribed to help increase levels of norepinephrine and dopamine.

Strattera (atomoxetine), a selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, is a unique ADD/ADHD medication, as it affects only norepinephrine, rather than dopamine.

There are 5 main chemicals or Neurotransmitters in our brains emotion center . . . The OPIOIDS, GABA, SEROTONIN, DOPAMINE and NOREPINEPHERINE.

Every thought, every feeling, every action that we, as humans, experience requires the interaction of these chemicals.

Neurotransmitters work with receptors in our brains to produce these thoughts, feelings and actions.

The Human Brain is very capable of automatically manufacturing the quantity of chemicals it needs if it is given the raw materials (nutrients from foods) to do so!

The last 20 years of research by many notable scientists such as Dr. Gerald Kozlowski, Dr. Terry Neher, and Dr. M. L. Barbaccia found that the stored metabolites can be replaced from normal diet, but only very slowly.

They further found that the slowness was not due to a "lack of production facility" but rather a "lack of raw materials". While the quantities required vary from one individual to another, getting these additional nutrients from food is generally difficult.

Modern day stress often forces the brain to use up neurotransmitters (opioids, dopamine, serotonin, GABA, norepinephrince and epinephrine) faster than the body can replace them from a normal balanced diet.

Because of the number of stressful situations we are daily faced with, because of the world we live in, a normal diet does not supply enough of the raw materials the brain needs to manufacture enough of these chemicals, or Neurotransmitters, that the brain NEEDS and MUST HAVE to function normally.

When our brain runs out of these chemicals or when different chemical levels decrease or increase, we experience things like anger, lack of sleep, irritability, anxiety, depression, insecure feelings and fear, not to mention the constant release of ADRENALINE which causes high blood pressure, heart disease, gastrointestinal disease and dozens of other problems.

The ingredients in the Neu-Becalmd capsule gives the manufacturing cells an over abundance of the nutrients they need, to produce the necessary amounts of the Neurotransmitters the brain needs. The Stress cycle never starts, which means the high energy chemicals are not pumped into the body to do damage.

Neu-Becalmd Is Formulated To Increase
Dopamine And Norepinephrine Naturally!

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Previously Available Only From Hospitals, Clinics and Rehab Centers.
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