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Natural Brain Nutrition
 Neu-Slim . . . A New Beginning For Life!
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Neu-Slim Helps With Weight Loss By Reducing Cravings For Carbohydrates & Chocolate.

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     Neu-BeCalm'd™ is 
     100% All Natural

     It is Amino Acids  
     and Vitamins in 
     a Special Formula! 

    Concentration and 
     Mental Focus.  
     Helps you to Sleep  
     Better! And more!

  • Neu-Slim™ - Doctor RecommendedBalanced Nutrition
    Aids In WeightMaintenance By Limiting Appetite
    And The Desire To Overeat!

    Amino acid therapy provides the nutrition needed
    to overcome the physiological problems so that 12-step
    recovery programs, counseling and diets can work.

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    This is the only time in our lives when we really want to be losers! You may only need to lose 10-15 pounds . . . You can!

    You may need to be a really BIG LOSER to Become a Big Weight Loss Winner!

    Neu-Slim™ is an amino acid, vitamin and mineral formulation designed to aid in correcting stress based deficiencies that cause a shortage of serotonin and the storage of fat. Neu-Slim™ is recommended for use as a nutritional aid for weight loss, diet maintenance and overeating. (Not a treatment for clinical obesity)

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    Have you ever wondered why . . .

    • You lose all those pounds, just to gain them back . . . plus a few more?

    • You're always fighting the urge to eat one of your most favorite foods . . . and losing? (The wrong kind of loser here!)

    • You've tried all those diets . . . wow, how many diets have we tried and failed?

    • And those cravings? If you don't eat you get nervous and tremble!

    Studies have shown that both the amount and type of food eaten (fats, sugars, proteins) are strongly influenced by several brain chemicals which known as neurotransmitters.

    Shortages or imbalances of neurotransmitters can occur as a result of overeating.

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    Through its unique formulation, Neu-Slim™ provides the nutritional building blocks to help restore brain chemical balance that controls overeating, carbohydrate cravings and stimulates fat metabolism.

    Neu-Slim™ is recommended for use as a nutritional supplement along with a balanced diet for weight loss, diet maintenance, overeating and limiting appetite.

    Let's face it . . . losing weight is not easy! I should know . . . I'm a pro! I've lost enought weight in my life to build 8 average sized adults!

    Guaranteed: No sugar, starch, salt, milk, yeast, preservatives or chemical additives. No artificial dyes, colors or flavors. Gluten free.

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    Should not be used by phenylketonurics. Should not be used by pregnant or lactating women. Persons taking Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors should only use the product under the supervision of a medical doctor. Anyone taking medications should consult a doctor before using any product. This product is not intended to take the place of prescription medications.

    Try NeuBecalm'd™ - The Nutrition Solution
    and Feel the Difference!

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    Neu-Slim Restores Brain Chemistry That Causes Cravings.
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